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Academic Qualifications

Requirements for entry into the 1st year of the Sciences program at UNBSJ

  • please consult the UNBSJ website for most current information

Requirements for entry into Radiation Therapy stream of BHS program at UNBSJ

  • successful completion of a 1st year of an approved BSc program with a minimum grade of C in each required course and overall cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • required courses for the Radiation Therapy stream of UNB Bachelor of Health Sciences*
    • Calculus
    • Chemistry**
    • Physics**
    • Psychology
    • Human Anatomy & Physiology (instead of Biology)**
    • a current list of Radiation Therapy program requirements is available at the UNBSJ website

*Please note that applicants who take required courses for admission from a university other than UNB will need to apply for a course review to have their completed courses validated as being equivalent. This must be done through the Nursing and Health Sciences Advisor at UNBSJ.

**Course is required to be taken with lab component.

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