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Courses at UNBSJ

BA 2054 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

This is an introduction to the contributions of the applied behavioural sciences to the study of people at work in organizations. The fundamentals of individual and group behaviour are covered as well as selected topics in motivation, leadership, communication, conflict and organizational change.

PHIL 3133 Health Care Ethics I

This course examines major problems in contemporary medical practice including confidentiality, informed consent, blood transfusions, contraception, abortion and genetic engineering, euthanasia, allocation of scarce resources, moral aspects involved in strikes of medical personnel and conflict of duty situations. Prerequisite: one term course in Philosophy or instructor permission

STAT 2263 Statistics for Health Sciences

This is an introductory course in statistics. It includes probability, binomial and normal random variables, confidence intervals for means and proportions, prediction intervals, tests of hypothesis, paired data versus two independent samples, introduction to analysis of variances, and regression and correlation.

HSCI 3032 Communication for Health Sciences

This course provides reflection, discussion and inquiry on concepts related to understanding and improving interpersonal communication within a health-care context. It focuses on complex interpersonal dilemmas, demands and difficulties faced by health care professionals in the workplace. Students will analyze interactions using knowledge of communication theory, demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills in caring/helping relationships and apply self-knowledge in interpersonal relations.

PSYC 3033 Health Psychology

PSYC 3033 combines the scientific and professional contributions of the discipline of psychology towards promotion of a holistic approach for the maintenance of health and the prevention and treatment of illness, including etiologic and diagnostic correlates of health and illness. Prerequisites: PSYC 1003 & PSYC 1004

PSYC choice of 1 of PSYC 3383, 3693, 3711, 3723, 3724 or 3752 (3711 is recommended)

PSYC 3711 Biological Psychology

This is an introduction to the anatomy and physiology of nervous systems with a special emphasis on behavioural indices of function. Illustrative examples of both human and animal research are surveyed.

Choice Elective (any level)

Choice Elective (3 or 4 level in PSYC, NURS or BIOL)

Choice Elective (3 or 4 level)

NURS 3052 Canadian Health Care System

This course focuses on the history and organization of the Canadian health-care system and discusses current health-care issues.

HSCI 3092 Research

This course looks at the role of research in health sciences, recent advances through research, fundamental and applied research, evaluation of research, research proposal development and evaluation, ethics and issues in research.

For more information on UNBSJ courses, contact the Nursing and Health Sciences Coordinator at 506-648-5646 or visit us online.