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NB Organ and Tissue Program

In New Brunswick hundreds of people are currently waiting for a hero.

You could be that hero.

Becoming an organ, tissue and ocular transplant donor is an important commitment. You could save or enrich the life of one or more of the more than 4500 Canadians now waiting for a donor.

Anyone can donate organs and tissues. Everyone has the opportunity to become an organ donor no matter your age and health. The medical suitability of the organs and tissues is determined by trained health professionals.

It only takes two simple steps to become a donor:

1. You must indicate your intent to donate on your Provincial Medicare Card. You can do this by calling Service New Brunswick at 1-888-762-8600 and select "2" to request your Medicare Card be updated. Your new Medicare card will clearly display a "D" to indicate you are a donor. You may change or withdraw your consent to donate at any time.

2. Discuss your decision with your family or loved ones.  It is important that those closest to you know wishes.

For more information:

Organ Donation
Tissue & Ocular Donation

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