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Patient and Family Centred Care

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Excellence in health care happens when people work together and use the expertise and input each person brings to every health encounter.

Horizon is transforming itself into a patient and family centred care organization where health-care staff, patients and families work together to meet the individual health-care needs of the patient.

Patient and family centred care is a continual effort to ensure the needs and choices of every family are being met. No two patients are alike and together we can help meet the needs of each individual patient and family.

What is Patient and Family Centred Care?

Patient and Family Centred Care at Horizon is compassionate health care based on a partnership among practitioners, patients and family (as explained by the patient).

ConsultationIt is our goal to ensure decisions respect patient's needs, values and preferences. Its outcome provides patients with information, knowledge and support to participate in their care.

This means each patient and family will receive the distinct care they require and will have input into their care from start to finish.

Horizon's key steps to attaining Patient and Family Centred Care include:

  • Engage executive leadership to ensure participation and accountability for system redesign.

  • Develop priorities and action plans using patient, family and community engagement processes and models.

  • Create a Patient and Family Advisory Council, with a broad-based focus to improve patient care experiences at all levels across Horizon.

  • Involve staff and physicians at the front-line level, in addition to managers and directors, to design and implement changes in care delivery policies, processes and practices.

  • pedsIntegrate Patient/Family Advisors across the health network in key committees and program groups.

  • Commit to ongoing measurement and improvement of patient satisfaction with the care experience across the continuum, with initial focus on the acute care system.

  • Embrace an enhanced culture of safety, with focus on improved outcomes in measures of infection, incidents with harm, and hand hygiene.

  • Reaffirm the organization's vigilance toward full implementation of all Required Organization Practices as delineated by Accreditation Canada.

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