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Horizon Patient and Family Advisory Council

The Horizon Patient and Family Advisory Council will create a partnership with administration to provide advice and guidance to improve patient and family centred care experiences and the culture of care throughout Horizon Health Network.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council is working towards developing a culture of patient and family care, where patients are the highest priority. The work of the Council and the Patient Experience Advisors will help create a positive difference in patient care throughout Horizon.

As per the Terms of Reference, Horizon Patient Advisory Council members are chosen by the Executive Leadership Team and must meet the following qualifications:

  • Members must have a sincere interest in working with a group to improve the experience of patients across Horizon Health Network

  • Must sign a confidentiality and conflict of interest agreement

  • Must be able to travel to meetings, or teleconference with the expectation of active membership

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the patient and family advisory committee.

  • Ability to work constructively with senior management, physicians and staff members of Horizon Health Network and the patient / family advisory committee.

The Co-chairs provide the following role:

  • Call and chair meetings

  • Develop the agenda for each patient and family advisory committee

  • Review meeting minutes

  • Communicate with patient and family advisory members 

  • Collaborate with directors, managers or others as required on issues related to the patient and family advisory committee

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