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Horizon Patient Experience Advisors

Patient Experience Advisors (PEA)

A Patient Experience Advisor is a registered Horizon volunteer who has had a recent experience (generally within the last 3 years) of being a patient or the family member of a patient. They partner with staff and physicians to provide direct input into policies, programs, and practices, which affect patient care and services.

It is preferable that they are not health care professionals but persons who reflect the demographics of the community. PEAs are volunteers who must be registered with the department of Volunteer Resources.

Roles and Responsibilities of the PEA

  • Provides their perspective as a patient/family member on the topic of discussion
  • Open to hearing the perspective of others
  • Is aware of personal limitations and boundaries and seeks support if needed
  • Communicates his/her expectations about the outcomes and benefits of engagement
  • Seeks to inform a process for all
  • Prepares for and attends meetings
  • Takes advantage of training and educational opportunities
  • Maintains confidentiality in all communications
  • Respectful of staff time
  • Sign in, record volunteer hours and submit on a monthly basis
  • Complete initial and annual evaluation

Becoming a Patient Experience Advisor (PEA)

A PEA is anyone who has recent experience as a patient or family member combined with a genuine interest in helping us make the patient experience the best it can be. We will provide the training and support needed.

If you are or know of an individual that has firsthand experience with the health care system as either a patient or a family member and would be willing to volunteer time to share experiences and provide input, get in touch with us.

Learn more in Becoming a PEA and apply online.

Please send all questions to or call 506-623-3078.


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