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Performance Indicators

Horizon Health Network (Horizon) utilizes leading, evidence-informed practices to support quality and safe care and clinical sustainability. We understand the importance of transparency and accountability to the patients/clients we serve, as well as to the public.

Performance Indicators help us evaluate the care and services we provide. By measuring our performance against provincial and national benchmarks we are able to learn our strengths and areas for improvement. Ultimately, this helps Horizon make sound decisions about our operations, services and resources to ensure we continue to be committed to our mission of Helping People Be Healthy.

Performance Indicators Report's New Portal

We have redesigned our existing indicators report to present the information in a useful way. The report's new design provides a dynamic, intuitive format to break down the information based on your preferences.

- Click here to access the portal.

- View the below tutorial video for instructions on how to use the portal.

Download this video here.


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