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Role of CEO

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing and except as otherwise provided in Horizon Board's by‐laws, or in the Regional Health Authorities Act, the Hospital Act, the Hospital Services Act or any other Act or regulations made under those Acts, the Chief Executive Officer's duties shall include but are not limited to:

(a) being responsible for the management of the RHA;
(b) being responsible for the selection, employment, control, development, direction and discharge of all employees;
(c) attending all meetings of the Board and Committees of the Board except as excused by the Board;
(d) being an ex officio member without a vote on all Committees of the RHA including all committees and/or sub committees of the Board;  
(e) being responsible for taking whatever actions are necessary to meet the requirements of the approved RHA Health and Business Plan, the Regional Health Authorities Act, and Hospital Act and regulations thereunder, for enforcing the RHA by‐laws, by‐laws' rules and Board policies, and for ensuring the observance by RHA personnel of all legislation applicable to the RHA; and
(f) appointing of a delegate at their discretion.

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