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Frequently Asked Questions

How many residents do you accept?

Horizon Health Network has four resident positions available. Two positions are in Saint John at the Saint John Regional Hospital and two positions are in Moncton at The Moncton Hospital.

Is the program accredited?

Yes. In 2017 our program received a full 6-year CPRB accreditation award.

How do I apply for Horizon's residency program?

You can apply to the Horizon Pharmacy Residency Program through CSHP. Click here to learn more.

Will I be contacted if I am granted an interview?

We appreciate all applications, however, only those who are selected for an interview will be contacted.

What kind of support is available to Horizon Health Network residents?

Horizon has a wellness program in place for pharmacy residents. This program includes benefits such as two wellness days off and a gym membership. Horizon has a Pharmacy Resident Well-being Policy that outlines Horizon's commitment to providing a positive learning environment and supporting resident wellness. There is a structured orientation and on-boarding process in place surrounding resident well-being. Residents will also have access to local supports, as well as supports through Dalhousie University.

At the beginning of the residency year, each resident will be assigned a mentor who can answer residents' questions and help navigate the transition into the residency program and into a new city.

How many days off do I get as a resident?

All Horizon residents will get 10 vacation days plus all recognized statutory holidays. In addition, each resident receives 2 wellness days per year.

Will I be able to attend a conference during my residency?

We encourage our residents to attend one conference with a minimum of 5 conference days built into the curriculum.

What employment opportunities are available with Horizon after I complete my residency?

Horizon Pharmacy Department strives to retain residents following their residency program as much as possible. Since 2010, we have retained over 50% of our residents within Horizon.

What opportunities are available after a pharmacy residency?

Most of our residents continue to practice in hospital. Some residents complete other advanced degrees or a postgraduate year 2 (PGY2) residency. Graduate residents become preceptors and are often involved in practice-based research. They may also be involved with teaching opportunities within academia.

Can I work as a pharmacist while completing my residency?

Residents are not required to work as a pharmacist while completing their residency. However, there may be opportunity to work dispensing shifts depending on site needs and resident interest.

More questions? Contact our program coordinators.

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