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Moncton Area

Girls on beachWith a booming economy, a steadily growing population and a low cost of living, it is no wonder that Moncton was recently named one of the best places to live and work in Canada. In Moncton, you have the option of walking to work, as many of the area's health-care facilities are located in residential areas. Your quality of life is further enhanced by a wealth of cultural opportunities, excellent shopping and year-round access to the largest indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities in Atlantic Canada. An annual concert is hosted at Magnetic Hill and has featured performances by the legendary Rolling Stones and U2.

A haven for outdoor enthusiasts

The Moncton area offers a seemingly endless list of recreational activities, including golfing, yachting, hiking, rappelling, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, and mountain biking. Boating and sailing are popular activities and the area features 3 yacht clubs, including 1 that offers a sailing program for individuals with disabilities. Moncton also features a number of golf courses, including Royal Oaks Golf, the first course in Canada to be designed by world renowned U.S. Open Architect Rees Jones, and Pine Needles Golf & Country Club, New Brunswick's only 36-hole golf course.

Natural wonders

The Petitcodiac River, also known as the "Chocolate River", flows through the city and gets its name from unique mudflats that line its banks. Where the river meets the sea, these same mudflats attract some of the greatest numbers of migrating shorebirds in the world. The Hopewell Rocks and Cape Enrage, just south of Moncton, offer spectacular places to experience the tides of Fundy - the highest tides in the world. This is also where you will find Fundy National Park, one of the natural jewels of Canada and home to dramatic cliffs, amazing beaches and plenty of wildlife. This is the perfect place to plan a weekend getaway filled with hiking, kayaking, and sight-seeing.

Bilingual culture

Moncton is a bilingual city, and it features the Université de Moncton (U de M) and a New Brunswick Community College campus. U de M, as it is known locally, is Canada's largest French-language university outside Québec and boasts a public art gallery and museum, with an impressive permanent collection on the history of the Acadian people.

Academic Excellence

Previously known as the Atlantic Baptist University, Crandall University is located in the heart of the city and offers quality educational programs firmly rooted in Christian faith.

Family fun

For families, there is Magnetic Hill and Zoo and a giant waterpark. Moncton's downtown has a variety of restaurants alongside entertainment venues, and the area's catering companies and artisanal chefs reflect Moncton's bicultural spirit.

Town of Sackville

Just a 30 minute drive south from Moncton is Sackville, a vibrant town filled with natural beauty as well as artistic and musical delights. Mount Allison University, which was recently rated the best undergraduate university in Canada by Maclean's magazine, draws intellectuals and artists to Sackville in abundance. Each year, Sackville also hosts several high-quality festivals, including Sappyfest, a premier independent music festival that attracts top musical acts from across Canada and the United States.

Spectacular saltwater beach

Parlee Beach, one of the most famous and warmest beaches in the country, is only a 20-minute drive away from Moncton. Summer houses, sand dunes and coastal grasses share the Northumberland shore, where some of the warmest currents hug New Brunswick's coast.

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