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Centracare is a 50-bed psychiatric hospital which provides tertiary mental health services to adult clients from within the Horizon Health Network and parts of Vitalité Health Network.

As a psychiatric hospital, Centracare provides specialized treatment and rehabilitative services for patients with psychiatric problems that are difficult to manage and are of medium or long-term duration.

Core services include:

Inpatient Rehab Unit which focuses on psychosocial rehabilitation, promoting personal recovery, successful community re-integration and a satisfactory quality of life.

Psychogeriatric Unit provides care for individuals exhibiting a persistent long-term chronic mental illness with a premorbid but stable medical condition (or chronic disease) and demonstrating significant behavioral or management concerns.

Complex Behavior Unit focuses on individualized, specialized and intensive skills training and rehabilitation for individuals with a dual diagnosis. Care focuses on reduction of psychiatric symptoms, provides a safe environment and assists patients to return to a premorbid level of adaptive mental functioning.

Outreach Services which provides: (a) assessments and treatment recommendations for clients demonstrating a complex, high need of psychosocial interventions and behavioral management, (b) education and support for clients, families and care providers in both formal and informal settings, and (c) discipline-specific interventions as defined by the client’s need.

Facility Details

Region:Saint John

Location Address:414 Bay St., Saint John N.B. E2M 7L4

Mailing Address:414 Bay St., Saint John N.B. E2M 7L4


Fax Number:506-649-2520

Available Services

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