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Ridgewood Veterans Health Wing

Ridgewood Veterans Wing is an 80 bed facility for veterans who require long-term care. The original 60 bed facility opened in 1976 and was expanded to an 80 bed facility in December, 2001. The purpose of the expansion of RVW was two-fold. First, it allowed for all veterans within the region to be located at one site; and, second, to promote Veteran Affairs Canada's goal of becoming a Centre of Excellence in the provision of care for veterans with dementia (impairment in memory, thought, and judgment). Ridgewood Veterans Wing is a component of the Health and Aging Program of Horizon Health Network. Ridgewood Veterans Wing also maintains a close relationship with Veteran Affairs Canada and the Royal Canadian Legion, as well as with other programs within Horizon and the community.

Facility Details

Region:Saint John

Location Address:422 Bay Street, South Bay
c/o Saint John Regional Hospital
Saint John, N.B.
Canada, E2L 4L2

Mailing Address:P.O. Box 2100
Saint John, N.B.
Canada, E2L 4L2


Fax Number:506-635-2425

Hours of Operation:8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Approximate Number of inpatient beds: 80

Available Services

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