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Cardiac Rehab NB

Cardiac Rehab New Brunswick (CRNB) consists of a multidisciplinary group of health care professionals from each provincial health authority dedicated to providing expertise in the areas of clinical practice, research and advocacy with respect to cardiac rehabilitation and cardiovascular disease prevention. CRNB functions as a professional body of the New Brunswick Heart Centre (NBHC).

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The Objectives of CRNB are as follows:

1. To provide a forum for knowledge development and exchange through a networked information system.

2. To promote a better understanding of cardiac rehabilitation among other professional bodies, organizations, government agencies and the public.

3. To provide a forum to discuss quality indicator measurements (access, efficiency, and outcomes).

4. To provide a forum to discuss research findings and how new evidence will be incorporated into practice.

Reporting Relationship

CRNB reports to the New Brunswick Cardiac Services Advisory Committee.

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