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Vision, Mission, Values


The overall vision for the NB Heart Centre is to take a leadership role in the detection, prevention, management and reporting of cardiovascular disease in the province of New Brunswick.


Our Mission is to deliver the highest quality cardiovascular care, while respecting the dignity and individuality of our patients, co-workers and the public we serve.

We are committed to:

  • continuously improving the delivery of patient care and patient education
  • providing services in both of New Brunswick's official languages
  • promoting wellness and the effective communication of health care issues
  • developing and promoting a Provincial Cardiac Care Network
  • achieving transparency through on-going communication and collaboration with NBHC stakeholders
  • ensuring the adoption of best practices and evidenced-based decision-making
  • conducting and participating in research activities
  • providing education to colleagues, students and allied health professionals


Commitment and dedication to quality patient care.

Respect for the individual, showing dignity and caring in every aspect of what we do along the entire continuum of care.

Linguistic duality, offering competent services in both official languages at all times.

Openness, which embodies the concepts of honesty, sincerity, and trust… and a belief in the ability of our patients to make their own personal choices - within the framework of medical ethics and community standards.

Equality and fairness in providing unbiased access to services.

Fiscal responsibility, by budgeting and spending money wisely and in a manner that matches accountability with authority.

Teamwork, by respecting our people and valuing their ability to contribute in a meaningful way to the process of change.

Adaptability, by thriving on change and embracing new ideas in the pursuit of excellence.

Transparency, by creating and supporting a network where information sharing occurs between NB Heart Centre and stakeholders.

Partnership and the spirit of partnering in all its forms, by co-operatively and jointly working with all stakeholders to enhance patient care and service.

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