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The New Brunswick Heart Centre Research Initiative is committed to directing and developing clinical cardiovascular research to improve cardiac health care of the population of New Brunswick.

The New Brunswick Heart Centre (NBHC) Research Initiative was established in 2004 to coordinate the clinical cardiology investigations being pursued at the Saint John Regional Hospital.

The NBHC is the only tertiary care cardiac centre in the province of New Brunswick. The catchment population numbers 3 quarters of a million in New Brunswick as well as those patients referred from the province of Prince Edward Island.

The NBHC offers a wide variety of cardiac investigations and therapies. A full array of non-invasive tests can be performed including:

  • electrocardiography
  • stress testing
  • echocardiography
  •  nuclear imaging
  • stress and dobutamine echocardiography
  •  MRI
  • CT Angiography

We perform diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization, cardiac surgery, electrophysiologic testing and ablation as well as cardiac resynchronization and defibrillation device therapy.

Because the NB Heart Centre offers this range of cardiac investigations and procedures, we are in a position to participate in most clinical trial protocols. The Research Services Department at Horizon Health Network is fully committed to assisting the NBHC Research Initiative in its clinical trial activities.

With the assistance of a Horizon-wide Research Ethics Board (REB), pharmacy support and financial administration, the NBHC Research Initiative can bring clinical trials to enrollment phase rapidly and efficiently.

The NBHC Research Initiative is currently operating multiple clinical trials, ranging from acute coronary syndromes, ST elevation MI, intravascular ultrasound, secondary CAD therapy and congestive heart failure.

The NBHC Research Initiative is taking great care not to over-commit to similarly oriented trials so as to focus on delivering excellent quality data and recruitment numbers. The NBHC Research Initiative has received national recognition for being a top recruitment site. The Initiative successfully obtained Health Canada compliance status following inspection in 2006.

Physician support for the NBHC Research Initiative is strong. The cardiologists at the centre believe in the concept of evidence-based medicine and strongly support clinical research activities. All active clinical trials have physicians acting as sub-investigators to recruit and follow trial patients. This allows for uninterrupted screening and recruitment of study candidates throughout the calendar year.

TIMI risk scoring system

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