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Where to stay

Kiwanis House/Transitional Living Suite

TLSThese accessible and self-contained living spaces on site at SCCR are designed for patients requiring intensive assessment and/or rehabilitation but who do not require intensive nursing care. Within the SCCR there are four Transitional Living Suites. The Stan Cassidy Kiwanis House, which opened in June 2013, includes  3 fully functional living spaces.

For more information on staying in a TLS or the Stan Cassidy Kiwanis House, please contact  the administrative assistant for the SCCR team you will be seeing (adult, paediatric, etc.). Contact information may be found through the services section of our website. 


Nursing UnitNursing Unit

There are 20 inpatient beds available for individuals who need highly specialized services. Inpatients receive daily treatment from a team of health-care professionals and a physician. There is at least one family conference and each patient's progress is reviewed at a weekly meeting.


To view accommodations in the Fredericton area, please follow this link to the YellowPages™.

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