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Specialty Clinics

Neuromuscular Disease Clinic

An outpatient interdisciplinary clinic for patients with progressive diseases like MS, ALS and Muscular Dystrophy

  • Patients are usually first seen by physiatrist, who then determines other disciplines for clinic.
  • Priority is for patients with conditions that change over time, and for who have difficulty  travelling.
  • Occurs on the last Wednesday of the month.

ALS Coordinated Care

An outpatient clinic for patients with Motor Neuron Disease who are evaluated and treated by Physiatrists, Occupational Therapist and Assistive Technologies specialists.

  • Focus is prospective and interdisciplinary care 
  • Patients are also followed closely by Extramural Team who collaborates with SCCR team.
  • Patients are usually seen every 3-4 months

Videoconferencing and home visits are arranged as needed.


Orthotics Clinic

The Adult Orthotic Clinic provides an opportunity for the physiatrist, physiotherapist and orthotist to meet together with inpatients and outpatients to review their current orthotics or to prescribe new ones.  The team also consults with an orthopedic surgeon if required to discuss the potential for foot and ankle surgery.  This clinic occurs the second Wednesday of the month and patients are referred by their in-house physiatrist. 



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