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Adaptive Driving

What is the Adaptive Driving Service?

The Adaptive Driving Service enables persons with disabilities to have safe and accessible transportation in their community.

It is a provincial rehabilitation service.  Services are directed towards individuals who, as passengers or drivers, may benefit from specially adapted vehicles and/or driver training.

Who we areAdaptive Driving - XL Chair Transfer

Our staff includes:

  • 1 part-time occupational therapist
  • 1 part-time administrative assistant

Services we offer

Driver Assessment

The driving assessment helps to determine the client's potential to begin or resume driving. A comprehensive assessment is completed that considers the client's physical, visual and cognitive/perceptual abilities.  Specially adapted equipment may be suggested to help the client to access and control the vehicle.  Information on equipment, suppliers and funding sources is provided.  Driver training may be recommended.  In some situations further testing or alternative transportation may be recommended. For more information on the driver assessment please click here .

Photo Caption: This Adaptive Driving patient transfers independently from her XL seat to a van.

Driver Training 

Driver training may be recommended for those clients who need to learn a new skill and/or improve driving abilities and behaviors. A driver assessment must be completed by the Adaptive Driving Service in order to confirm the client's needs and abilities. 

Consultation Services

The Adaptive Driving Service provides consultation services to clients, caregivers and health professionals regarding vehicle selection and modification.  This may include information on ways to transfer in and out of the vehicle, equipment for lifting and stowing mobility devices (wheelchairs, scooters) and issues related to safety. Information on equipment, suppliers and funding sources is provided.

Adaptive Driving - Steering Knob/Left AcceloratorWhere we are located

Clients may be seen at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation on an inpatient or outpatient basis.   

Cost of Services

The Adaptive Driving Service is not covered by Medicare. The 2012 fee schedule is:

  • Driver Assessment and Equipment Prescription (Self-pay): $150.00          

Photo Caption
: The above patient is able to drive independently with a left foot accelerator and a steering knob.

 How to be Referred

 Document required for driver assessment:
Physician referral (can be initiated by the therapist or client but a physician is required to sign a referral).
Documents requested for driver assessment (as appropriate):

Adaptive Dfiving - Wheelchair w. and controls/horizontal steering

Summary of relevant:

  • occupational therapy findings
  • physiotherapy findings
  • psychology reports
  • speech language pathology reports
  • Results of visual tests (e.g., optometry, ophthalmology)

Photo Caption: This patient drives from his wheelchair using hand controls and horizontal steering.

Contact Us

Attn.: Adaptive Driving
Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation
800 Priestman Street
Fredericton, NB E3B 0C7

Tel: 506-447-4214
Fax: 506-447-4160

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