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Adaptive Seating

What is the Adaptive Seating Service?

The Adaptive Seating Service provides in-depth assessment and consultation by an Occupational Therapist. This service is provided to adults and children with a physical disability who have specialized positioning and mobility needs. Experienced technicians design and adapt wheelchairs, seating systems and other devices to meet our client's needs.

Who we are

Our staff includes:

  • 2 Occupational Therapists,
  • 2 Technicians/Industrial Mechanics  
  • 1 full-time Administrative Assistant

Who we help

We provide this service to adults and children with a physical disability who have specialized positioning and mobility needs. We provide service on site at Stan Cassidy Center for Rehabilitation and through videoconferencing and/or outreach visits.

Services we offer

We offer assessment, consultation, perscription, training and education related to:

  • Mobility Devices: simple-to-complicated manual and power wheelchair and stroller prescriptions, modification of existing mobility devices, fabrication of customized accessories.

  • Seating and Positioning: design and fabrication of simple-to-complex inserts, seat and back cushions, specialized headrests, footrests and arm supports. Staff are certified in providing custom seating inserts (countour u, silhouette).

  • Alternate Positioning: modification of alternate positioning devices in order to meet the client's specific needs. Examples are school chairs and bathing devices.

  • Augmentative Communication System Mounting Devices: fabrication and/or installation of mounting devices for communication systems and integration with manual and power mobility devices.

  • Pressure Mapping: A pressure map shows pressure distribution on sitting surfaces. It is a tool used when choosing or comparing different cushions and back supports for those at risk or with an existing pressure sore.

How to refer

Clients must be referred by their family doctor or specialist. A therapist or client can initiate the referral by using the Reahbilitation Request for Services Form, but a doctor must approve it.

Other documentation may be requested including:

  • client and/or family questionnaire
  • information from other professionals involved, including:
    • summary of relevant information from occupational therapy, other rehab services (physiotherapy, recreation therapy, clinical dietetics)
    • relevant information from school or employment
    • relevant information from other stakeholder agencies (e.g., MD, MS)

What is the cost of the service?

There is no charge for any services offered by the Occupational Therapists. Funding for the technician's time and materials used is billed to government agencies, private insurance companies and/or non-profit organizations. We can assist with funding applications.


What is the waiting list for a seating assessment? 

Normal wait time  is approximately 4 months. Urgent requests will be considered.

What is the referral process?

A physician must sign the referral to the Adaptive Seating Service.  Once a referral is received questionnaires will be sent to the client and/or caregiver and to their community therapist. When the questionnaires are received by the Service the client's name will be added to the waiting list. The client will be contacted by phone to schedule an appointment date.

What should the client bring to the assessment?

The client should bring any mobility device and insert that they are currently using, any trays, or relevant equipment and communication devices that will be used with their mobility device.

Contact us

For more information on our services, how to refer, the status of your referral, or your appointment, please contact us at 506-452-5411.  General inquiries and mail may be directed to:

Attn.: Adaptive Seating Serivce
800 Priestman Street
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 0C7

Tel.: 506-452-5411
Fax.: 506-452-5374

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