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FAQs (Neuromotor)

What is the age range of clients we see?

We provide services to children and families with neurological impairments from birth to adolescents.  We have not defined an age for "adolescents" as we feel that every child is unique and their readiness for transfer to adult services is dependant on many things.  When the staff and the family feel the transfer is timely, the adolescent is seen jointly by both adult and paediatric services to establish future goals and plans. 

I'm new to New Brunswick

We provide rehabilitation to children with neurological impairments in New Brunswick.  We are a consultative service that provides assessment, consultation, education, equipment and some treatment to children and their local team. 

We offer Tone Management (Botox, Serial Casting, Kinesiotaping, etc.), Orthotic Clinics,  and Intensive Treatment (1-2 weeks of intensive treatment post op or if there is an emerging skill that we'd like to capitalize on).  We also have an Adaptive Seating Service and an Assistive Technology Service (which includes Augmentative Communication) here at SCCR.  Unfortunately we do not have a Neurologist on staff.  We do however have Physiatry.

We do require a signed physicians referral to gain access to our services. 

For new families to the province how do we get referred to the Stan Cassidy Centre?

We suggest that you have a referral from a Family Physician, Paediatrician or Neurologist. This could include:

  • Your new Family Physician here in New Brunswick
  • A Paediatric Neurologist (there are 2 in Saint John - Dr. Meek and Dr. Wendy Stewart)
  • A Paediatrician

We will accept referrals from your current physician, even if you are not yet in the province.

A referral for services for regular therapy; either EMP (Extra Mural Program) if the child is school aged (they will be seen in school - EMP has OT, PT on staff) or if the child is not in school, they should be referred to their local hospital for rehab. 

Because we are a tertiary care centre, we like for services to be in place in the individual's home town so that when we do see the child, we have someone to consult to and offer recommendations to. 

The Stan Cassidy Centre Physiatrist would want to see the child soon after moving to the province.  They can help to navigate the system and ensure that your child is receiving all of the services required.

Our Paediatrics team will also see your child at the same time in order  to meet the family (we'll likely be involved in his/her care periodically throughout his/her life in New Brunswick). 

Once the SCCR team receives the referral, we pass it on to our nurse, who will call you to get an idea of your goals.  She also calls the local therapists to see how we can help and support them (in new cases, the local team may not be established yet, so getting a copy of therapy notes and medical information from former rehab providers would be helpful).

A "plan" is then developed. This includes information on how long should your child should come to Stan Cassidy in order to best meet his needs (we have on site accommodations to make things simpler for families).

Essentially we try to provide care (this includes equipment) to satisfy the child's needs. 

How long is the waiting list to see the team at Stan Cassidy?

Our wait time varies and is dependant on your child's needs.  Once your child is seen, we will make recommendations and develop treatment plans that we pass on to the local clinicians. 

Wait times also vary depending on the services that were determined would best meet your child's needs as well as on the disciplines required for your child's visit (physiotherapist, occupational therapist, physician, etc.). 

Our typical wait time varies from 2-8 months from the date of referral. 

What do I need tog do to get my child referred?

The referral process is as follows:

  • a referral is received (with doctor's signature & indication of a clear goal)
  • referral is given to the case manager
  • case manager contacts parents and local team, school, physician, and others as required to establish goals
  • case manager presents referral at intake meeting (held biweekly) with recommendations -- representatives from each discipline decide on priority and length of stay
  • client is issued an appointment by the scheduling clerk
  • case conference is held 2-5 weeks prior to your visit for planning, completion of schedule, discussion
  • disciplines contact their local counterparts
  • on-site visit (your appointment day at Stan Cassidy)
  • post visit follow-up with local team by teleconference, videoconference outreach, report

What is the cost these services?

There is no cost for our services.  We are funded by the public system (Department of Health, NB Government). 

Funding for special equipment is however unique to each child.  Some families have private insurance if not; families can apply to the Dept. of Social Development to be granted a HC (Health Card).  

Some HCs are financially based and some are both financially based and needs based. 

HCs pay for equipment (but not all equipment, and sometimes not at 100%) - these HCs are really dependant on the family's financial situation and the needs of their child.

What does SCCR look like?


  • SCCR is equipped with disabled parking spaces at the front of our building for visitors/patients with mobility restrictions. If you do not have an issued disabled parking sign for your vehicle, you may obtain a temporary one from our front desk receptionist for the duration of your visit to SCCR. 
  • Visitors without mobility restrictions need to use the main Dr. Everett Chalmers general visitor parking area and pay the appropriate fees.


  • We are equipped with Transitional Living Suites (TLS).  The TLS is an accessible, self-contained living space on site at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation. 
  • They are designed for patients requiring intensive assessment and/or rehabilitation but who do not require intensive nursing care.
  • New accommodations are scheduled to be built in 2012 - the new Kiwanis House is to be built adjacent to the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation. 

What should I bring for an appointment?

  • You should bring along any specialized equipment, orthotics, your child's favorite toy/blanket (comfort items). 
  • A visit leader is assigned to each visit; this person will always be a therapist involved with your child's upcoming visit.  You will be contacted prior to your visit to discuss any specific details of the visit and advise you of what you need to bring to your appointment. 



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