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" P.E.E.R. SJ  is a great place to meet people who are dealing with mental health issues including stress, anxiety and depression. "I have met a lot of good people , it's a welcoming atmosphere everyone is friendly, and the staff are amazing to talk to about any issues. Personally I felt the warmth and support from everyone in here and I come here every day. It has helped me deal with my stress and  anxiety." -- P.E.E.R. SJ Member, Age 25

" P.E.E.R. SJ is a great community, really it is more like a family, we enjoy each others company, have great groups, do activities and just enjoy ourselves. The staff are good people and you can talk to them about anything. They are really supportive and fun people to be around, you will learn to love them and the place itself. It helps me a lot to keep busy and not be focused on my depression. They put a lot of effort into this program. It would be great to see more people come and hangout!"  -- P.E.E.R. SJ Member, Age 21

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