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Pharmacy Services

Blog - What Your Hospital Pharmacists Want You to Know

Horizon's Pharmacy team plays a big role in managing the health of patients and clients. They work as part of a collaborative team with many other health care providers. Read more.

Horizon Health Network's hospital Pharmacy team is composed of over 240 valued and trusted health care professionals who work in 11 facilities across New Brunswick. Members of the pharmacy team work together and collaborate with health care teams in many departments to manage patients' medications and provide the best care possible.

How are pharmacy services provided?

Horizon's Pharmacy Services team include pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy assistants, administrative support staff, pharmacy residents and managers. Together, they work as 'one pharmacy, many sites,' ensuring patients and clients receive safe and quality care.

Why are pharmacists important to your health and healing?

Hospital pharmacists work closely with physicians, nurses, patients and other members of the care team, to help choose the best medications for you. Their priority is to ensure your medication plan is safe, effective and appropriate. Pharmacists can make recommendations based on patient specific factors such as kidney function, ability to swallow, and whether your medications are safe to take together. Our pharmacists work with patients to ensure they understand the medications they are taking and why it is important they take them. When a hospital pharmacist contributes to a patient's treatment plan and reviews patients' medications, it helps to shorten the duration of a patient's stay in the hospital, and can save money for both the patient and the hospital.

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 (Courtesy of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists)

The role of pharmacy technicians in hospitals continues to evolve. Technicians are involved in speaking to patients when they are admitted to a Horizon facility about medications taken at home. Pharmacy technicians play an important role in preparing and checking medications that are distributed to patients in the hospital. Pharmacy assistants work with pharmacy technicians to prepare and distribute medications.

Horizon Pharmacy Residency Program

The Horizon Pharmacy Residency Program is a one-year postgraduate experiential training program affiliated with Dalhousie University. Horizon's Pharmacy Services offers four resident positions: two at Horizon's Saint John Regional Hospital and two at Horizon's The Moncton Hospital.

Click here for more information about the Horizon Pharmacy Residency Program.

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