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Mammography (breast screening)

What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is an X-ray image of the breast.

Preparing for a Mammogram
Avoid using the following in and around the breast area and under your arms:

  • lotions
  • creams
  • perfumes
  • deodorants

Describe any breast symptoms or problems to the technologist performing the exam.

Risks or Complications:

  • Minimal exposure to radiation.
  • Women should always inform their physician or X-ray technologist if they are or think they might be pregnant.

How long will a mammogram take?
Your mammogram will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Breast Needle Localization

Breast needle localization is a preoperative procedure which is done in the Mammography Room of the Medical Imaging Department. It involves the placement of a fine wire/needle, which will act as a guide for the surgeon, at the area of concern in the breast.

Risks or Complications:

  • Minimal exposure to radiation

How long will breast needle localization take?

  • The duration of the exam is 45 to 60 minutes.
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