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Health & Aging Network

Welcome to the Horizon Health Network's Health & Aging Network

The Health & Aging Network is a diverse program that meets many of the major health needs of the older adult in an inpatient and outpatient environment. Our Network Programs target the older adult who has multiple interacting health problems. These problems can be related to medical illness, memory and cognitive issues, mobility problems, psychological issues and social difficulties.

Our Mission:

Within a safe environment and with respect for the dignity of those we serve, the Health & Aging Network will deliver quality, holistic health care to patients, their families and the community. 

Interdisciplinary teams work with older adults to restore or maintain maximum functional independence, promote optimal health, and maintain or improve quality of life.

We believe:

  • Older adults have a combination of physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Health education and accurate information will support older adults and their families in making informed choices.
  • Older adults and their families have a right to receive information on injury prevention and health promotion.
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