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Spiritual and Religious Services

Spirituality is an integral component of healing. Spiritual health provides a source of coping, inner strength, peace, hope and joy even in difficult times. Sometimes hospitalization may lead  to spiritual distress. Addressing this distress can contribute to a greater sense of wholeness and wellness. Members of the Spiritual and Religious Care Team are professionally trained to offer multi-faith care in a clinical setting.

The Spiritual and Religious Care Team is available to patients, their families and staff.

We not only support you in your spiritual distress; we can also journey with you during your times of consolation and peace.

We can:

  • listen and facilitate communication
  • assess spiritual needs and concerns
  • offer spiritual support and counsel
  • assist in contacting spiritual leaders
  • arrange sacraments and rituals
  • support people in crisis
  • provide support in decision making
  • explore options for reconciliation
  • guide through a grief process
  • pray with or for you

Multi-faith chapels can be found in a number of Horizon Health Network facilities and some are open 24 hours for patient and family convenience, providing a space for private prayer and meditation.

Religious/spiritual needs or questions posed by a patient, patient's family or member of the hospital staff should be directed to Spiritual and Religious Care Services or to the Chaplain on call.

Worship services are also held in some locations.  Patients and families can speak with staff for more information.

  A call/duty chaplain and Roman Catholic priest are available on call for after-hour emergencies by contacting the hospital switchboard.

Contact Information


The Moncton Hospital:  506-857-5348

Saint John

Saint John Regional Hospital: 506-648-6014
St Joseph
's Hospital: 506-632-5429
Veterans Wing: 506-635-2422


Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital: 506-452-5408


Miramichi Regional Hospital: 506-623-3263

Horizon offers a number of support groups and therapeutic services to help you manage your health and foster wellness.


Why is spirituality important in health care?

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What is Clinical Spiritual Care?

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What is a clinical spiritual care practitioner?

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When can I request Spiritual Care?

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