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Beyond the Headlines

At Horizon, helping New Brunswickers be healthy is the shared purpose that motivates us all.

From congestion in our hospitals to health advice that matters the most, we are committed to providing evidence-based analysis of health stories making the news.

Beyond the Headlines is an online space where such topics can be explained with infographics, blogs and videos from health care professionals and subject-matter experts.

Our first topic is congestion and overcapacity in our hospitals. This is a complex issue being addressed on various fronts. For instance, the recently-announced nurse practitioner positions in emergency departments (EDs) will help treat low urgency cases.

Over the years, Horizon staff conducted surveys with patients waiting in EDs, learning that people often do not know where to turn for their care. The awareness campaign was then launched, and other Horizon-wide improvement projects to reduce wait times are underway.

To read, more visit the Overcapacity at Horizon Hospitals section.

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