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Wireless internet for patients is here!

(Fredericton) April 6, 2016 - Horizon Health Network in partnership with the Chalmers Regional Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce free patient WiFi is now here! Starting today, wireless internet is available for all patients at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital.

"Staying connected to family, friends and the outside world is a very important aspect in providing a positive patient experience," said Andrea Seymour, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President Corporate for Horizon Health Network. "We are delighted to partner with our Foundations and Auxiliaries to introduce free WiFi for our patients and their families. This new service is one of the many initiatives being developed to demonstrate our continued commitment to patient and family centred care‎."

This project supports Horizon's first strategic priority - creating and sustaining a patient and family centred care environment. The wireless network is called 'WiFi - Patients' and will improve the health care experience and allow patients to stay in touch with family and friends through website access, social media, and email.

"Our purpose as a Foundation is to support healthy, caring communities by enhancing health and well-being through innovative and effective programs and initiatives," said Tammy Wood, Executive Director of the Chalmers Regional Hospital Foundation. "Many of our donors have told us that while in hospital, no matter how long, being connected to loved ones is important. We heard our donors and as a result we have partnered to provide free WiFi access for patients. In this day in age, staying in touch and having information when you need it is essential and we are proud to be part of this initiative."

Horizon is grateful for the Foundation's continued support and commitment in providing exceptional care to every person, every day and providing additional comfort for those when they need it. Over the coming months, Horizon will continue to work with our local Foundations and Auxiliaries to bring wireless internet to other Horizon facilities.

More information about wireless internet can be found at For more information about the Chalmers Regional Hospital Foundation, go to  

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For more information contact:

Stephanie Neilson 
Media Relations      

Tammy Wood
Executive Director
Chalmers Regional Hospital Foundation

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