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Rights, responsibilities awareness will foster quality and safe care in Horizon facilities

(HORIZON) April 13, 2016 - Understanding one's rights, responsibilities and expectations in a health care setting is the goal of a new guide introduced today by Horizon Health Network.  The guide outlines the shared rights of Horizon's patients, families, staff, volunteers, and physicians, as well as each group's responsibilities and expectations.

Margaret Melanson, Vice President, Quality and Patient Centered Care said informing patients, families, volunteers, staff and physicians of their rights, responsibilities and expectations will ensure Horizon provides quality and safe care in all of its facilities.

"This will help health care teams develop close partnerships with patients and their families," said Melanson. "To be treated with respect and dignity, be listened to and heard, and provide one another with the information necessary to provide or receive safe, quality care are integral factors in optimizing patient experience for both parties."

For example, patients, together with their Partners in Care, have the right to receive services in the language of their choice, and are expected to be a participant and decision-maker in their health care plan.

Employees must also collaborate with patients and families in advancing safe, quality care, and maintain the confidentiality and privacy of personal health information.

The guide was developed after an extensive review of Rights and Responsibilities practices across Canada, and has been reviewed by multi-disciplinary stakeholders throughout Horizon, including its Patient and Family Advisory Council.

The guide aligns with Horizon's first strategic priority of fostering Patient and Family Centered Care. It also demonstrates how Horizon is living within its values - showing empathy, compassion and respect to everyone visiting or working in its facilities.

Horizon's commitment to Rights and Responsibilities is also recognized by Accreditation Canada as a standard of care.

To view the guide, click here.


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