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Wireless internet for patients is here for the Stan Cassidy Centre

(Horizon) June 6, 2016 - Horizon Health Network in partnership with the Stan Cassidy Foundation is pleased to announce free patient WiFi is here! Starting today, wireless internet is available for all patients at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation.

"Providing the best possible experience for patients while in our care is Horizon's first strategic priority," said Andrea Seymour, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President Corporate for Horizon Health Network. "The Stan Cassidy Foundation shares our passion for putting patient's first, including keeping them connected to their loved ones while on the road to recovery, when they need it the most."

The wireless network, called 'WiFi - Patients', will improve the health care experience and allow patients to stay in touch with family and friends through website access, social media, and email.

"As a foundation, we support projects and initiatives with a direct benefit to patients," said John Travis, Chair of the Stan Cassidy Foundation Board of Directors. "We're delighted to partner with Horizon in providing wireless internet for patients and their families and enriching their healthcare experience."

Seymour says Horizon is grateful for the Stan Cassidy Foundation's continued support and commitment in providing exceptional care to every person, every day. Wireless internet for patients is available at select Horizon hospitals. Over the coming months, Horizon will continue to work with our local Foundations and Auxiliaries to bring wireless internet to other Horizon facilities.

More information about wireless internet, including availability, can be found at For more information about the Stan Cassidy Foundation, go to  

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