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BreastfeedHereNB Campaign

(HORIZON) September 29, 2016 ─  Horizon Public Health, in partnership with the Wellness Movement, will launch a breastfeeding campaign to help promote breastfeeding in public places. For one week beginning October 1, 2016, community members will wear promotional buttons to show their support.  Participants will also be encouraged to post photos (selfies) on social media using #BreastfeedHereNB and #AllaitericiNB.

The goal of this campaign is to normalize breastfeeding in public places. Women have the right toBreastfeed Anywhere, although many face stigma and have been asked to cover up or even leave establishments. Organizers hope that by changing attitudes and perceptions about breastfeeding in public it will become a social norm.

The majority of women in New Brunswick begin breastfeeding however very few continue for the period of time that is recommended.  Studies show breastfeeding is beneficial to both baby and mother. For the baby, it provides valuable antibodies that help prevent disease and reduce the risk of developing allergies. The breastfeeding mother receives a measure of protection against breast cancer, ovarian cancer and osteoporosis.

Many local businesses, restaurants and communities are registered as being Breastfeeding Friendly and more are encouraged to enroll. To register your business, go to this hyperlink.

More support is needed to help mothers feel comfortable and to make breastfeeding in public a widely accepted practice everywhere.

For more information about theBreastfeed Anywherecampaign, contact the Public Health Office nearest you:

Saint John:    643-6974

Sussex:         1-800-454-8008 or 432-2003

St. Stephen:  1-888-476-3555 or 466-7504

St. George:    755-4022

Miramichi:      778-6102

Blackville:      843-2956

Neguac:         776-3824

Fredericton Area:       453-5200

Upper River Valley Area:        1-888-829-6444


Media contact:

Stephanie Neilson-Levesque
Senior Media Relations Advisor
Horizon Health Network

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