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Moncton Medical Staff Issue Statement on Thoracic Surgeon Shortage

(Moncton) -- We, the physicians of the Moncton City Hospital, would like to state that we appreciate the inconvenience caused to the community due to delays in accessing thoracic surgery services here at our hospital. Our board certified thoracic surgeon is currently on an unexpected sick leave and is undergoing treatment. We wish him a speedy recovery. As physician leaders we continue to work closely with the government to aid in further recruitment and possible interim solutions. 

At present, we as a medical staff are very much aware of the difficulty our patients are having in obtaining thoracic surgical treatment in the province.  The Moncton Hospital, with our thoracic surgeon of over 30 years, has provided over one third of the thoracic surgeries for the Province of New Brunswick as well as Prince Edward Island and northern Nova Scotia.  With his unexpected medical leave we have looked to our colleagues in Nova Scotia for assistance.  As well we have asked the remaining surgeons in the province who do thoracic surgery to assist in the care of our patients, and we are grateful to them.  Notwithstanding these difficulties, we are doing our utmost to provide the care as needed.                                                      

At this time, we are limited by our resources in providing care.  Working with the Medical Society of New Brunswick as well as the province of New Brunswick and Horizon Health Network, we are hopeful that we will be able to recruit two new thoracic surgical providers, one each to both Saint John and Moncton in the near future to alleviate the stress on our already overworked thoracic surgeons. 

In the interim we continue to ensure access to care during temporary absent services by referring patients either to oncology, respirology or thoracic surgical providers available in our province and Quebec.  Unfortunately, our Halifax colleagues are unable to assist us. 

Again, the Moncton medical staff would like to reinforce our dedication to resolving this situation as soon as possible.  We are extremely optimistic that our solo thoracic surgeon will be back on duty in the near future.  We also are hopeful that with the potential ability to hire two new thoracic surgical providers we will be able to avoid a similar issue in the future if it so arises.


The Moncton medical staff 

Dr. Nachiketa Sinha, President, Medical Staff
Dr. Ken Mitton, Medical Director
Dr. Serge Melanson, Chief of Staff, Medical Staff Representative


For more information contact:

Stephanie Neilson-Levesque
Media Relations

(Moncton) --

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