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Horizon Highlights Community Partners

(Horizon) October 30, 2018 - In Your Community: Community Health Needs Assessments in Action is a publication that highlights the achievements stemming Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) recommendations in areas where Horizon Health Network is represented.

This latest issue is the publication's fifth instalment and highlights the work being done in Eastern Charlotte County, Western Charlotte County and Central New Brunswick.

The CHNA in those regions identified the need for better preventative, primary, and long-term health care to their residents through community-based initiatives, addressing food insecurity, the dangers of tobacco and amphetamine use among youth, and support for seniors.

Karen McGrath, President and CEO of Horizon Health Network, said the selfless work that New Brunswickers do in their communities is undeniable.

"It leaves me motivated that we are working together across Horizon and with our partners, to improve health outcomes," said McGrath.

Some of the featured stories include how geriatric assessments are helping seniors be healthy and in their homes in Central NB, how the food bank in St. George is helping more than food insecurity and how primary-care providers are keeping patients off the highways to bigger centres by providing care in their communities.

Jean Daigle, VP Community with Horizon Health Network, said Horizon and its community partners share a common goal: to improve the overall health of New Brunswick communities.

"It never ceases to amaze me when I see the lengths people will go to make a better life for someone else," said Daigle.

To download a copy of In Your Community or to view the completed Community Health Needs Assessment reports, visit

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