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News Release: Relocation of residential addiction recovery centre to Ridgewood, Saint John

(SAINT JOHN) Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020 -Horizon Health Network will be moving ahead with plans to relocate its long-term, residential early addiction recovery program in the Saint John area to Horizon's Ridgewood Addiction and Mental Health Services campus, located in Saint John.

The relocation of this program from its current home at Lonewater Farm, located in the community of Nerepis, to Horizon's Ridgewood campus will take place in Fall 2020 and will improve services being delivered to clients in the very early stages of their recovery.

To accommodate this initiative, Horizon will be investing over $300,000 into a major renovation of one of the existing clinical buildings at Horizon's Ridgewood campus into a 14-bed residential early recovery centre.

"Addiction treatment has evolved substantially since Lonewater Farm was established many decades ago, and the services which will be offered at Horizon's Ridgewood Campus align with todays' best practices for addiction treatment," said Jean Daigle, Horizon's VP Community.

"This is an exciting opportunity that will significantly enhance this valuable program by offering a modern, clinical setting that will make it easier for our clients - most of whom are in the very early stages of their recovery - to have more direct access services such as counselling, employment opportunities, housing and social services and reintegrate into the community."

Lonewater Farm was established in the 1960s, and consists of a series of aging, camp-style buildings where clients live in a communal setting as part of their early recovery plan.

The average length of stay is one to three months and residents pay a monthly fee for room and board. Many clients are in the early stages of recovery from addictions to drugs, alcohol, opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine and other substances.

All existing jobs at Lonewater Farm will be transitioning to Horizon's Ridgewood campus, which houses a full suite of addiction and mental health services, including detox, counselling and rehab.

Staff will notify clients of the relocation of this service directly, however letters will also be sent to clients and their families.




For more information contact:

Kris McDavid                                                 

Media Relations, Horizon Health Network                                                                


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