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Celebrating Canadian Patient Safety Week: Oct. 28 to Nov. 1!


Horizon is celebrating Canadian Patient Safety Week from Oct. 28 to Nov. 1! This is a time for patients, clients, the public, and health care providers and leaders to share, promote, and celebrate best practices in ensuring patient safety and preventing patient harm.

The theme for Canadian Patient Safety Week is Conquer Silence. Patients, family members, the public, and health care providers are encouraged tobreak the silence, and speak upabout patient safety concerns. By bringing safety concerns forward we can work together in addressing them and reduce the risk of preventable patient safety incidents. #ConquerSilence

Horizon strives to provide quality, safe patient care with a focus on what's most important-the patient, client and your family!

We ensure the care we provide is based on evidence-informed, best practices and we met Accreditation Canada's national standards of care in September 2018.

We promote a positive culture of patient safety by encouraging open communication, supporting a learning environment, and engaging patients/clients and their family members.

We engage patients, clients and family members in making improvements in our care processes through surveys, focus groups, complaints, and the involvement of Horizon Patient Experience Advisors.  

We encourage everyone involved in the health care process to #ConquerSilence and speak up for patient safety!

ASK - Ask questions about medications, procedures, and expectations

LISTEN - Listen actively, and if you do not understand then ask for more information

TALK - Talk openly about your symptoms, your care, and your concerns

When we work closely with our patients and their families, we can achieve great things!

For more information about Horizon's initiatives in ensuring safe, quality patient, client care, visit Horizon's Community News Channel.


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