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Engagement in Action Report

(Horizon) October 6, 2014 - The creation of a Patient Advisory Council and a program to improve communication with patients and their families are among several initiatives outlined in Engagement in Action. The new report is a result of Horizon Health Network's efforts over the past year to engage with its patients, families, staff and communities.

Through community engagement, Horizon was able to determine five major themes that patients, staff and the community feel strongly about:

  • clear identification of staff,
  • cleanliness of facilities,
  • developing a caring culture,
  • coordination of care and
  • efficiency of care.

Horizon's President and CEO, John McGarry met with hundreds of stakeholders including business leaders, unions, staff, physicians and volunteers to establish the potential for a better connection with patients and communities as a whole.

"We're committed to responding to the needs and concerns of patients and their families," said McGarry. "The feedback we received is helping us to identify opportunities to continuously improve services throughout the organization."

McGarry stressed that community and staff engagement is a long term, ongoing commitment aimed at ensuring the best possible care for patients and their families.  

"We have made positive steps in the right direction and I look forward to building upon this strong foundation," he said. 

The report is available now at ( direct link )



For more information:

Carolyn McCormack, APR

Media Relations


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