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Horizon Updates Service Availability for June 6

(MONCTON) June 5, 2014 - Public Service Announcement - As the dangerous situation in Moncton continues, all elective surgeries scheduled on June 6 have been cancelled. In addition, the following restrictions or cancellations will be in effect for June 6:

  • Clinic A has postponed all booked appointments. Staff remain on-call for urgent inpatients and gestational diabetes patients.
  • Clinic B has postponed all elective appointments.  
  • Clinic C (treatments & minor surgery) cancelled all elective procedures within wound clinic, ortho clinic, gyne clinic, minor surgeries. Only urgent/ emergent procedures will be offered. 
  • Clinic D (Electro diagnostics) has postponed all out-patient procedures. 
  • Clinic E - (GI clinic) has postponed all elective patients; Urgent/emergent patients only. 
  • Clinic F -Blood Collection and Jones Lake Blood Collection will be closed.
  • Pediatric Day Treatment clinic will be closed; Urgent/emergent  treatment only
  • Colposcopy and Breast Health Clinic will be closed.
  • Moncton Hospital Outpatient physiotherapy, including Geriatric Clinic and Rehab Day Program, will be closed
  • Occupational Therapy Outpatients, including Geriatric Clinic and Rehab Day Program, will be closed
  • Clinical Nutrition outpatients and clinics will be closed
  • Speech and Audiology Outpatient Services will be closed
  • Extra Mural Program  Moncton will be closed

The following clinics will remain open on Friday for patients who are able to attend.

  • Maternity Discharge and Breastfeeding Clinic
  • The Maternal Fetal Care Unit (high-risk pregnancy clinic)
  • Oncology clinic will remain open for treatments only.

Though the Code Orange was lifted in the early hours of June 5, the hospital and staff are prepared for any further casualties that may arise from this situation. The Moncton Hospital continues to restrict visitors to those with critically ill family members. All others are asked to refrain from visiting at this time. 


For more information contact:

Carolyn McCormack, APR

Media Relations




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