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ISD: How this acronym changes lives

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The first thing New Brunswickers ask when they hear "ISD" is often, "What does that stand for?"

After being told it stands for "Integrated Service Delivery," the next question is usually, "And what does that mean?"

The goal of the ISD program is to simplify the way children, youth, and families access care and support.

To do this, the Regional Health Authorities and several departments - Public Safety, Education, Health, and Social Development - work together, using a collaborative approach to deliver their services to youth.

It's a way of overcoming any bureaucracy that might have created hurdles for families in the past.

"The program ensures children and families have rapid access to care, and only have to tell their stories has few times as possible," said Jean Daigle, Horizon's Vice President, Community.

Horizon's role in the ISD program is to lead the delivery of clinical services.

 "We're very much involved in coordinating the care and support needs that these children and youth bring to the table," said Jean. "We make access as simple and as easy as possible."

Trained psychologists, psychometrists, human service counsellors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, methods and resource teachers, admin support staff and clinical coordinators work together as a multidisciplinary Child and Youth team, looking after our province's youth.

Jennifer Brown has a 14-year old son, William, who has autism. William was struggling to be part of a classroom, as well as other challenges in social settings and at home.

Jennifer says the ISD program has made a huge impact on their lives, and continues to do so.

"We have come to a point where he is in class the majority of the time, he is functioning and participating at his level," said Jennifer. "It's life-giving, because to see him thriving, and to see him achieving things that he wants to do, and to see him doing the things that makes him happy, it's the best gift that we could have ever received."

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