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March is Nutrition Month

Nutrition 2015c

By Renée Murphy, Registered Dietitian, Dietitian Supervisor for the Miramichi Area, Mango Program 

Eating healthy is hard enough but eating healthy at work can be an even bigger challenge. That is why this year for Nutrition Month, we are looking to inspire Canadians to make healthier choices at work. The theme for 2015 is Eating 9 to 5. 

Healthy eating at work has many benefits: boost concentration, improve productivity and vitality and decrease missed days of work by improving overall health. So what are we waiting for? 

The reality is that it can be very difficult to eat healthy at work. Rushed mornings, no time for a lunch break, mid-day slump and end-of-day dinner struggles are just a few of the eating challenges we face. Here are some quick tips to help you overcome these challenges. 

Make breakfast a habit: A healthy balanced breakfast will help you feel more alert and improve your concentration at work. No time in the morning? No problem, here are a few helpful hints:

  • Prepare breakfast ahead - make barley, quinoa or oatmeal porridge and refrigerate in portions.
  • Mix up some muesli with toasted oats, dates coconut and almonds to add to yogourt and fruit in the morning.
  • Boil your eggs on the weekend for the following week (hard-boiled eggs can last up to one week in the refrigerator).

Nutrition 2015dSnack smart: Hungry between meals? Have a snack that includes carbs to fuel your brain and protein for longer-lasting energy. Here are a few examples of healthy snack combinations:

  • grapes + cheese
  • veggie sticks + hummus
  • sliced apples + peanut butter
  • dried fruits + unsalted almonds


Enjoy lunch away from your desk: Bringing lunch from home is a great way to save you money and to have control over what you eat. Bored of the same old sandwich? Think outside the lunch box! Reinvent dinner leftovers. Let your creativity to be inspired with what is available in the kitchen. Add diced tomatoes, black beans, red onions, lime juice and hot sauce to your leftover rice to create a delicious vegetarian lunch bowl.

Nutrition 2015bRecruit your family to help: After a hard day at work, planning and preparing meals as a team can help you feel less stressed about preparing food for your family during mealtime rush. On the weekend, everyone can start planning meals for the week. Preparing ingredients for the next day the night before is a great way to get organized and to save time. 

For help on how to get started with workplace wellness, please contact our Mango office at 506-627-7564. You can also visit or for helpful tips on healthy eating at work.

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