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Re-instatement of Mammography Services at Charlotte County Hospital

(ST. STEPHEN) June 17, 2013 - Mammography Screening Services at Charlotte County Hospital will be re-opened on Monday, June 17, 2013.

A study conducted by Cancer Care Ontario researcher was released at the end of May, which suggests that digital computed radiology (CR) may be less effective in discovering cancers, compared to digital direct radiography (DR) and screen film.

Currently Horizon Health Network only has one digital computed radiology machine serving patients, which is located at the Charlotte County Hospital.

The study looked at a large number of women who were screened in Ontario over a two-year period and found that screening with CR could result in about 10 fewer cancers being detected per 10,000 women screened. This means that CR mammography could possibly miss one breast cancer for every 1,000 women tested.

The likelihood of having an undetected cancer is very low. Routine mammograms are an important screening tool and this issue should not discourage women from getting them. Mortality from breast cancer in New Brunswick has been declining over the past 20 years, and routine screening for women has played a significant role in this decline.

To ensure continued access to mammography services, Horizon will re-open the breast screening program at Charlotte County Hospital. This issue will be discussed with patients who choose to have their screening done here, and they will be required to sign an informed consent.

Patients who would prefer to be screened using DR mammography may request to have their appointment rescheduled for St. Joseph's Hospital Breast Screening Program in Saint John by calling 1-506-632-5566 or by speaking to their family physician. 

Provincial partners involved in breast health programs continue to discuss and review the findings of the Cancer Care Ontario study. As technology changes quickly, Horizon will continue to work with our health partners, staff and physicians to ensure we are providing safe, quality care to our patients.


For more information contact:

Carole Saucier
Media Relations

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