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Salvus Clinic celebrates 10 years of patient care

(HORIZON) December 6, 2017 - Horizon Health Network's (Horizon) Salvus Clinic celebrated ten years of dedicated patient care today. Over the past 10 years, Salvus Clinic has provided much needed access to primary care to the vulnerable population of downtown Moncton.


"The staff, led by Dr. Susan Crouse, has made a significant and lasting positive effect on the people of downtown Moncton," said Karen McGrath, Horizon President and CEO. "Their accomplishments are truly remarkable and we are fortunate the staff at Salvus Clinic have provided the necessary help to those in need."


Many of the patients who walk through the doors of the clinic would not have access to any type of health care without the help from Salvus Clinic. By providing access to primary health care to people in the community who are suffering from issues related to homelessness, poverty, mental health, and substance use, Salvus Clinic has improved countless lives and helped build a sense of community. 

Since its doors opened in 2007, Salvus Clinic has treated over 4,000 patients for their mental, physical, and emotional needs. The clinic is unlike anything else in the city; it is a different kind of clinic that treats the whole person. At its core, it offers hope and help to those who may feel as though there is nothing left.

"The Salvus Clinic is a place where we seek to transform hurt into hope for our patients," said Dr. Susan Crouse, clinic physician and co-founder. "We offer primary health care to a vulnerable population that desperately needs our help."


"Witnessing personal successes and providing our patients with access to the necessary care they need has kept us motivated for the past ten years and will continue to inspire us as we move forward."


The clinic provides health care to all ages and genders, and provides services such as peer support, transgender support, a diabetic clinic, and needle distribution. Salvus Clinic also assists its patients by providing peer supported housing and assistance with food and other basic necessities of life to persons in need and of low income.


The caring team of professionals is comprised of a family physician, nurse practitioner, community navigator, service coordinator, community recovery counsellor, housing peer support specialist, and administrative assistant.

Originally located within a local homeless shelter, the clinic relocated in 2012, to the Community Peace Centre in Moncton's downtown core. The clinic is 2,780 square feet and has a waiting room, four shared offices, four examination/counselling rooms, one group meeting room and a wheelchair accessible washroom.    






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