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Statement from Dr. Wayne MacDonald, Co-chair of Horizon’s Patient and Family Advisory Council regarding nursing shortage


Dr. Wayne MacDonald, Co-Chair, Horizon's Patient and Family Advisory Council

As Co-Chair of Horizon's Patient and Family Advisory Council I would like to express our concern with respect to the nursing shortage that has been discussed in the media recently. 

One of the main purposes of the Patient and Family Advisory Council is to improve the patient and family care experiences. We do this by engaging in several functions including providing guidance and advice pertaining to policies and practices undertaken to facilitate improved patient and family centered care; we promote  the partnership between staff, physicians and the community towards the involvement of patients and their families in the planning and delivery of care across the health network, as well as providing input and feedback into education, programs and policies and their development  from the corporate  to the unit level.

As such, the current nursing shortage has an impact on patients and their families. The recent comments by the Chair of the Board of Directors of Horizon Health Network indicate as the shortage continues and worsens, this will lead to the reduction of services and closing of units.

Patients and their families are impacted by the nursing shortage and will be impacted to a greater degree if there is a reduction of services and accessibility to health care at Horizon.

Therefore, as the voice of patients and their families, and in keeping with Horizon Health's goal of patient centered care, the Patient Family Advisory Council needs to be involved moving forward in efforts to deal with this crucial situation.

We need all stakeholders to be working from the same strategy and the patient perspective needs to be part of that.

We understand that there is no one solution, and we look forward to working together with many stakeholders to address the critical nursing shortage in New Brunswick.




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