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Student Employment at Horizon


Kerry Kennedy, Regional Manager of Recruitment and Workforce Planning

The academic year has come to a close - assignments and exams are all complete and now it's time to enjoy the summer.

Summer break is a great time for students to gain life experience through employment, travelling or volunteering.

Horizon is excited to welcome students into our facilities for the summer.

 Horizon hires summer students in two different ways - internships and casual positions.  Students in these positions get the opportunity to gain valuable employment experience in health care. This often directly supports the student's education or could provide insight to those who haven't decided their career path. Students have a chance to be exposed to over 150 job classifications in Horizon.

Student employment is an important strategic initiative for Horizon. Some of the benefits of hiring students include:

  • Students are eager to learn and gain experience. They bring enthusiasm and energy to the workplace.
  • Students provide additional human resources that support projects and relief coverage like vacation.
  • Students bring a new perspective to the organization and encourage innovation.
  • Student engagement supports recruitment. Horizon believes employing students during their summer breaks is a foundational piece of the candidate journey. Students often become Horizon employees after their studies.

Horizon accepts student applications every year in January and February. You can visit Horizon's  Career website for current opportunities and follow Horizon's social media channels to learn more about the variety of careers at Horizon and recruitment events.

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