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Welcome to Bravo!

Maura Bravo! Blog

Maura McKinnon, Chief Human Resource Officer, Horizon Health Network

Employee Engagement = the feeling of being valued + appreciated
Employee Engagement = having an emotional connection to your work
Employee Engagement = something the employee has to offer: it cannot be 'required' as part of the employment contract (Source)

Do you like being thanked for the things you do? Like taking out the garbage, changing the tires, shovelling the driveway … again!

Of course you do!

The same feeling of recognition is important to our employees. Although it is their job, being recognized for the hard work they do is important to the way they are able to provide quality patient care.

I've been asked, "Why are we spending time and money focusing on employee recognition?" and I share with people that research indicates the #1 link to increasing employee engagement is through recognition.

As a part of Horizon's strategic plan, we have identified Improved Employee and Physician Engagement as a key focus for Horizon. We understand the importance of engaged employees and the difference it makes for our patients and communities.

Did you know…

  • Increased nurse engagement scores lead to lower patient mortality and complications.
  • Bloodstream infections were 18 times lower for engaged units.
  • Patients on less engaged units were 54 times more likely to get surgical-site infections than those of more engaged units.

Feeling recognized for the work you do has many benefits, such as:

  • Increased productivity. Sixty-nine per cent of employees stated they would work harder if they felt that their efforts were better appreciated.
  • Commitment to organization. Simply by recognizing and rewarding employees for their work, you can drive emotional commitment to your organization.
  • Reduced turnover. Companies with recognition programs that are highly effective at improving employee engagement have 31 per cent lower voluntary turnover.

The one benefit that cannot be measured is the pride that shines in our employees eyes when they receive recognition and are reminded of how much they are valued, how much they are appreciated, and how impactful their contributions are to other caregivers, peers, physicians, patients and our communities. 

Enter Bravo!

Bravo! is the online recognition program developed by Horizon for Horizon employees in 2016. In three easy steps anyone who works at Horizon can be recognized for their good work.

With over 23,000 nominations passed along to staff, we are taking the next step and inviting our patients, visitors, family, friends, and communities be a part of this recognition culture.

Linked to Horizon values, Bravo! allows our staff to be recognized by collecting information that includes the value they demonstrated and a personal message as to why their actions were impactful. The information is captured in the Bravo! system and instantaneously provided to their manager for presentation. 

Horizon's Bravo! program is now available to the public - so the very people who benefit from their health care provider's exceptional care and service can formally acknowledge and thank them. 

You'll be seeing lots of posters, decals, and tent cards displayed throughout our facilities and promoted through our social media channels to communicate how easy it is for patients, clients, and their families to "Say Bravo!"

Why should you care about recognizing your health care team?

Along with decreased infection rates and lower patient mortality rates, an indisputable benefit of recognition is that it reinforces behaviors with the employee being recognized and sets a powerful example to others. This reinforcement contributes to employees competencies linked to continuous improvement in the delivery of healthcare.

Simply put, the more someone feels engaged in their work, the better they do their work.

Better work = better results for YOU.


If you're inspired to "Say Bravo!" to a Horizon health care professional you can do it in three easy steps:

  • Go to
  • Fill out the short recognition form
  • Click "Submit Bravo!"

You can access the Bravo! website from anywhere in the world using your mobile smart phone or a desktop computer. Bravo! kiosks are also located in our regional hospitals.

Once the Bravo! is submitted, the recipient's supervisor will be notified and will print the Bravo! and present it to the deserving employee.

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