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Workforce Adjustments across Horizon Health Network

(HORIZON) May 31, 2013 - On April 18, New Brunswick's health system partners, including Horizon Health Network, announced cost-saving measures that will increase the effectiveness and accountability of the system, simplify administration, and introduce health innovations without compromising patient care.

As part of these measures and without making changes to services and programs provided, Horizon Health Network made necessary workforce adjustments that include a reduction in 131, non-union, union and medical administrative management positions throughout the organization. Of the positions affected, 63 layoff notices were issued.

This is a difficult time for staff, and Horizon Health Network has made every effort to hold vacancies to accommodate the workforce adjustments in hopes of providing affected employees with alternative positions. To enhance patient care, 35 management positions were eliminated and have been reposted as dedicated front-line positions without supervisory responsibilities.

Due to bumping rights under collective agreements, opportunities for affected employees to fill vacancies, and natural attrition, such as retirements and voluntary departures, it is too early to tell how many people will be without work. However, we anticipate this final number will be low.

Below is a breakdown of the affected positions by bargaining group and area. In the chart, the number after the position title indicates the position includes supervisory responsibility:

positions rev final e


Carol Cottrill
Director, Public Affairs

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