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When do I provide my health card?

Supply your Canadian Provincial Health Card and/or proof of any other medical insurance to the Admitting Department in the applicable health care facility. Note that presentation of your health card or proof of health insurance may be requested at any time during the health care process.  Failure to present a valid Provincial Health Card may result in the patient being billed. Charges for hospital services not covered by Medicare are the responsibility of the patient.

Where can I update my N.B. Medicare card?

You are required to renew expired cards and/or report any changes pertinent to your Medicare coverage by:

What about telephone and television patient room rentals?

Bookings, billings and collections associated with telephone and television patient room rentals are through independent companies which the patient and/or his or her representative deals with directly.  Note that in the Fredericton and Miramichi areas, television service is included in the cost of preferred accommodations (private or semi-private rooms), whether payment is made directly by the patient or through his/her insurance coverage.

What about my personal property, including valuables.  Will my room provide secure storage space?

While most hospital rooms in the region provide some storage space for personal property of patients, no security is provided and property stored in any patient room or public room in one of Horizon's health care facilities is at the patient's own risk.  Health care professionals recommend that patient valuables be left at home.

What are my financial responsibilities if I am medically discharged?

Once a patient is medically discharged by a physician, continued stay in the hospital is not covered by N.B. Medicare.  A daily per diem rate will be charged.  

Billing questions can be directed to the Accounts Receivable Department for the applicable health care facility.  Preferred accommodation (private or semi-private rooms) will result in additional charges if requested.

What about my ambulance bill?

Ambulance bills are prepared by Ambulance New Brunswick only.  Contact your local Ambulance New Brunswick office to find out how bill payments may be made.

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