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Friends' Launch New Program to Honour Hospital Staff for Exceptional Care

(Moncton) - Did someone special make a difference for you or your loved one at The Moncton Hospital (TMH)?

A new Grateful Patient Program recently launched by the Friends of The Moncton Hospital Foundationis a wonderful way for patients and their families to say thank you to the unsung heroes at TMH; the doctors, nurses, support staff and volunteers who are the cornerstone of the hospital's success, saving, transforming lives and making an impact every day of the year.

Perhaps it was the compassion an LPN (licensed practical nurse) showed in caring for your grandmother, or the lifesaving procedure the surgeon performed. Maybe it was the skill of a nurse who helped welcome a precious new life into this world. It may even have been a simple smile or a word of encouragement from the porter or member of the housekeeping or food services staff.

Friends Chair David Holt says now you can show your appreciation for the outstanding care that you or a loved one has received by making a donation in your hero's honour. In turn, this special person will receive a unique MONCTON HERO pin and certificate in recognition for their exceptional care. Donors can decide where they would like their gift used, or they may prefer to have the hospital use their gift in areas of greatest need.

"Among the more than 2,700 people who work at TMH every day, there are countless heroes. If you encountered someone who made your experience special, this is your opportunity to let them know," says Holt.

Kelly Constantine of Petitcodiac, was one of the first donors to make a gift to the Grateful Patient Program in appreciation for her grandmother's care when she was hospitalized in the Coronary Intensive Care Unit. She made a contribution to honour  RN Joanne LeCouteur, in memory of Mary Keith.

"I was sitting with my  Grammie, during her final hours and nurse Joanne LeCouteur was so sincere and passionate. She also helped comfort me after Grammie's passing. I am so grateful that she was there for me and my family during this difficult time," says Constantine. "Joanne is one of the many countless heroes, that work at The Moncton Hospital, but it was her that touched me deeply during those difficult moments. I felt that the best way to honour her was to make a gift to the Foundation, and I would encourage anyone else that has been touched by a staff member, to do the same….thanks Joanne for comforting Grammie and ensuring her such a peaceful departure, " says Constantine.

  LeCouteur was delighted and humbled to be recognized for her care, "it is a very special feeling to know you have helped someone through such a difficult and emotional time. It was a pleasure to have cared for Mrs. Mary Keith and her family.I am deeply touched and honoured by this gesture of recognition and for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I work with a wonderful team of caregivers who are equally deserving of this."

For information on the Grateful Patient Program, please contact the Foundation Office at 506-857-5488 or . There are also brochures available in various departments throughout the hospital.                        


  For more information and for media inquiries:
Julie Thebeau
Senior Development Officer


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